Stands and Straps

Whether looking for a stand for stage, studio or home, your purchase should be made with an understanding of what you need and the kind of stand meant to meet that need. All stand are not created equally and the price is never an indicator of how well a guitar stand will protect your guitar. Your guitar is an investment. Protect it with the correct stand.

A-Frame Stands

These are normally the least expensive. The simple design allows for easy storage and transportation. These are the choice of people who have little space for storing their guitar. Travel is easy because these stands can often be folded to fit within your case. They aren’t good if you need to have your guitar in a busy or crowded area as they fall easily if bumped hard enough.

Tubular (Tripod) Stands

This is often the first choice of those just starting out. An added piece allows for great stability of the stand so it is not as easily toppled. These stands do not fold, however, so are better suited for the studio or home when you don’t have a need to travel with your guitar.

Wall-Hanging Stand

This stand is ideal for those who mainly play for personal enjoyment and don’t often play outside of one small room. They are the ideal stand for small apartments and dorm rooms as they don’t take up floor space, don’t get lost or knocked over and it can even make your guitar a part of the room decoration when it isn’t in use.

Premium Stands

These stands are more stable than typical A-Frame stands because the cradle for your guitar is more like that of the Tripod stand. Your guitar also is cushioned against the legs. This stand fold easily for transportation. It is in a higher price range than the others, but it offers the best traits of both the other two styles.

Multi-Guitar Stands

These are useful for small studios or if you have a few different guitars in your collection. They can be set up in a corner, making them a safely-guarded choice for keeping your guitars out of the way. If you change guitars frequently or need to do so quickly, you may find this style a bit frustrating as the back guitar is not easily reached but many small bands like this style as it takes up little space yet accommodates a few instruments.

Walk-Up Stands

These stands have a unique purpose. They are not for storage but instead for those who need some support while playing. These are often used by professionals who play several instruments while on stage. The guitar can be positioned at the exact angle and height you need so it is ready for you to walk up and start playing. This stand is also used by some people who find it difficult to hold a guitar and play because of an injury or disability.