About Us

Back in 2007, founder Enrico Petronelli decided to take his love of music, and guitar music in particular, and make it his life’s career. Growing up around music, he understood the needs of guitarists. he also witnessed the frustration caused by not being able to find the accessories that were needed or wanted. He wanted to start a business that allowed guitarists of every level to shop for all the accessories they wanted in one convenient location.

Thriving Business

Spaghetti Guitar Tools has grown into a thriving business known by guitar enthusiasts throughout the New York area. Our staff is trained in what guitarists need and are always ready and willing to answer questions or help you find what you need. They are ready to help you decide what will work best for your particular needs, not what is going to cost you the most.


Our customers are more like family to us. The music industry is home to some of the most creative individuals in the world and here at Spaghetti Guitar Tools, we understand that today’s music will grow and transform and we want to be part of that transformation. Yet we maintain a love of the classic folk guitar of the 60’s. Regardless of where your music journey takes you, we are ready to help you make that journey with as little difficulty as possible.


Our philosophy is that if you are not happy, we are not happy. Without you, our business would not exist. Have a question? We have an answer. Need a guitar case or stand? We help you find the one that fits you best. Do you need a gift for the guitarist in your life but have no clue what is what? We’ll ask you some questions and help you find the perfect gift. If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we know that not just any equipment is going to satisfy you, so we offer only accessories that have proven their worth in the industry.


From big-name giants that have been around for decades to the newer kids in the neighborhood that have proven to be well-educated on what works best, we help you find the brands you can trust. You won’t find our staff constantly trying to talk you into the most expensive items simply to make a profit. We take into account the kind of guitar you have, where you showcase your skills and where you are on your journey and explain why a certain product will meet your needs best.

We could offer accessories for other instruments, but then we couldn’t concentrate on being experts at guitar accessories. You don’t want to look for party clothing at a kitchen supply store, so why should you trust your guitar needs to a large retailer who sells thousands of unrelated items? At Spaghetti Guitar Tools, we do one thing sell guitar accessories, and make it our business to be the best, most knowledgeable seller of guitar accessories you can find.